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Thrombotargets has developed and adapted to High Throughput Screening a new High Throughput Screening approach for the  simultaneous quantifycation of clot formation and clot lysis (Hemosta-BioPlatformScreen. With these proven proprietary new HTS Platform, Thrombotargets is continuously creating a novel and promising pipeline of drug candidates.






• Thrombotargets and IUCT to collaborate on identification and optimization of innovative anticoagulant drugs
• Thrombotargets considered one of the leading Biotech companies within the growing and successful cluster of Catalonia, Spain.
• Thrombotargets renews its commitment with PMT (Mediterranean Park Technology)
Upcoming events
• Thrombotargets to attend BIO EUROPE 2011
• Thrombotargets to attend BIO2011


Thrombotargets is developing TT- 173, a novel and significantly radical approach for the treatment of bleeding disorders. Using a topical formulation TT-173, will be effective in treating:

• Healthy subjects
• Haemophilic patients
• Inherited and acquired coagulation and platelet disorders
• Haemorrhages induced by anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs.

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